Communications Committee

The Communications Committee manages DVFiber’s internal systems alignment and develops external communications tools and platforms, including this website, a quarterly newsletter, and social media platforms. The Committee also oversees DVFiber’s advocacy work. The Committee will assure that:

  • Communications and advocacy plans conform with DVFiber’s vision, mission, and principles
  • The internal communications environment is efficient and cost-effective
  • Communications encourage engagement as well as increased understanding and trust
  • Advocacy efforts represent the district’s residents and small businesses.

Committee Info

First and third Tuesday of the month
5 p.m., online

Zon Eastes, Guilford

Committee members
The Committee draws upon the knowledge and experience of several district residents. The most active members are:

Bob Anderson, Marlboro
Amelia Nick*, Dover
Chris Robbins, Jamaica
Donna Sebastian, Wardsboro
TJ Sibilia, Dover
Jeff Such, Londonderry
Bronna Zlochiver, Vernon

Ex officio members
Ann Manwaring, Wilmington, DVCUD chair
Steven John, Marlboro, DVCUD vice chair

*community member

Recent Minutes*




*Note: On advice of counsel, some minutes are redacted partially until further notice.