Deerfield Valley Communications Union District (DVFiber) has signed a construction contract with Sertex Broadband Solutions for the initial phase of constructing and installing a fiber optic network in southern Vermont. This important milestone marks a significant step toward making DVFiber’s community-owned fiber network a reality, targeting the most underserved areas at the outset.

DVFiber was established in 2020 to ensure that all on-grid households and businesses within the 24 member town district have access to reliable, high-speed Internet service. With this in mind, DVFiber has been working hard over the past three years to secure funding and establish partnerships with reputable companies, like Sertex, to help it achieve its goals.

Sertex, founded in 1999, is a regional expert in fiber optic network deployment, committed to providing high-quality services that effectively support the installation of high bandwidth systems. The company’s mission is to deploy broadband infrastructures that are reliable, affordable, and built to last, focusing first in unserved and underserved areas. Broadband Communities Magazine ranked Sertex as a 2022 Top 100 Fiber-to-the-Home Leader.

After a competitive bid process, Sertex was deemed the best fit for this project as its mission and culture aligned with DVFiber’s. Sertex’s deployment crews are excited to begin connecting thousands of residents and businesses.

“We are proud to partner with DVFiber in expanding digital infrastructure in Southern Vermont,” said Michael Solitro, CEO and founder of Sertex. “Gigabit connectivity is life-changing in rural areas, as it opens new doors for remote work, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.”

This partnership is a significant milestone for DVFiber. Steven John, chair of DVFiber, expressed eagerness to see trucks and crews installing its fiber network.

“This milestone represents more than three years of work by the DVFiber Board and its dedicated volunteers,” said John. “This year we will connect hundreds of formerly unserved and underserved addresses to DVFiber’s reliable high-speed Internet service.”

DVFiber is grateful to the Vermont Community Broadband Board (VCBB) for their grant funding, which is speeding up the construction of our high-speed fiber optic network to the neediest Vermonters.

DVFiber and Sertex are expected to start construction later this month so district residents should start seeing DVFiber and Sertex trucks in their neighborhoods.

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