Executive Committee

The executive team is authorized by the board to move the organization forward between full governing board meetings. The committee includes seven voting members and five non-voting ex-officio members.

Executive Committee Info

Second and fourth Wednesday of the month
5 p.m., online

Steven John, Marlboro

Committee members
see below

Officers, voting members
Steven John, chair, Marlboro
Ann Manwaring, vice chair, Wilmington

At-large members, voting members
David Cherry, Windham
Phil Edelstein, Whitingham
Munson Hicks, Vernon
Ellen Seidman, Londonderry

Officers, ex-officio
Donna Sebastian, clerk, Wardsboro
Paul Butler, treasurer, Marlboro

Committee chairs, ex-officio
Andrew Snelling, Townshend, Finance and Audit Committee
Keith Thompson, Whitingham, Operations Committee
James Hamilton, Wardsboro, Communications Committee