Finance and Audit Committee

The Finance and Audit Committee provides financial oversight for DVFiber. The main tasks of the committee are to develop annual budgets, to create financial plans, and to create and monitor internal controls and accountability policies. The Committee will:

  • Develop and present budgets to the board and monitor adherence
  • Ensure that the budgets are responsible and sustainable
  • Develop and present reports of the CUD’s financial status
  • Develop policies and procedures that amplify DVFiber’s vision, mission, and principles
  • Set long range financial goals as well as the funding strategies to achieve them. 

Committee Info

Second and fourth Thursday of the month
2 p.m., online

Andrew Snelling, Townshend

Committee members
The Committee draws upon the knowledge and experience of several district residents. The most active members are:

Jean Boardman, Marlboro
Paul Butler, Marlboro
Gretchen Havreluk, Wilmington
Mike Jones, Wardsboro
Scott Lewis
Patrick Moreland, Brattleboro
Ellen Seidman, Londonderry

Ex officio members
Steven John, Marlboro, DVCUD chair
Ann Manwaring, Wilmington, DVCUD vice chair

Recent Minutes*




*Note: On advice of counsel, some minutes are redacted partially until further notice.