The Deerfield Valley Communications Union District (DVCUD) is the name of the collection of Vermont towns that have banded together, allowable under recently passed state law, around the vision of securing reliable, affordable broadband Internet connection for all. The district currently includes 24 member towns.

DVFiber is the name of the service organization operated by DVCUD. DVFiber is a not-for-profit municipal entity whose primary focus is to ensure a true broadband Internet connection to all households and businesses within the district.  

Each member town sends a representative and up to two alternates to the DVCUD governing board. According to state statute, each member town holds one vote for all board actions. The governing board conducts its business in four committees: Executive, Communications, Finance and Audit, and Operations.

Meeting Protocols

Governing board, special meetings, and committee meetings are open to the public. All meetings are conducted in person and online. The public is encouraged to attend.

Specific instructions for joining a meeting are published with each meeting agenda. 

Special meetings are held periodically as needed. These will be announced on the appropriate webpage.

Public questions and comments are invited in the public comment portion of each meeting. Public comment time is usually reserved for the end of a meeting or as otherwise noted in the meeting agenda.

Photo credit Zon Eastes