Operations Committee

The Operations Committee guides DVFiber’s interactions with the commercial vendors we will rely upon to deliver service to our communities. The Committee will assure that:

  • Services are designed to conform with our vision, mission, and principles
  • Unserved and underserved locations are our first priority
  • The cost to obtain service is prudently low
  • The sequence of construction is financially sustainable
  • The quality of service is demonstrably high

Committee Info

First and third Thursdays of each month, 7PM. Meetings are online and at a physical location indicated on each meeting agenda.

Keith Thompson, Whitingham

Committee members
The Committee draws upon the knowledge and experience of several District residents. The most active members are

Alan Baker, Wilmington
Robert Briggs, Stamford
Phil Edelstein, Whitingham
James Hamilton, Wardsboro
Omar Smith, Readsboro

Ex officio members
Ann Manwaring, Wilmington, DVCUD Chair
Steven John, Marlboro, DVCUD Vice chair