The rollout of service to every home and business in the CUD will take time and requires financing. The ability to show cash-positive returns is critical in order to borrow the money needed to continually expand the network to every location, so we are also looking for grants that would help underwrite the cost of the first stages of construction.

We believe that the Federal government will be expanding broadband grant programs, which will allow us and all of rural America to fund the system faster than relying solely on borrowed money. In our current planning, we will be able to build out in four or five phases. 

As estimated in the roll-out schedule in the Windham Regional Commission business plan, towns in the CUD will receive service according to greatest need, over a two- to five-year period.

DVFiber is committed to providing reliable, high-speed Internet to every home and business in the district, a claim that no corporate provide is willing to make. Patience will be required.