DVFiber and Great Works Internet are working together to secure high-speed Internet for every home and business in our 24-town district.

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Basic Info

  • When can I get service?
    The rollout of service to every home and business in the CUD will take time and requires financing.

Broadband and the District

Broadband for Techies

  • What is Capacity and Why Does it Matter?
    The capacity of a communications network such as the Internet is defined as the total number of bits/sec that can be delivered to all subscribers concurrently (the average measured download speed multiplied by the total number of subscribers when all are downloading at once). This number is important because it limits the number of subscribers…

DVCUD Meetings

Our Story

Citizens of the picturesque and rural towns of Vermont are limited by the poor quality of Internet service provided by the private sector.

Our Collaborators

As it strives to reach goals, the Deerfield Valley Communications Union District benefits from important partnerships with various agencies and associations.

Photo credits: Top, middle Zon Eastes; Bottom Marjorie Ray