DVFiber is pleased to announce the completion and signing of a Master Services Agreement (MSA) with Great Works Internet (GWI) of Biddeford, Maine. The MSA sets forth the conditions that will govern the relationship between DVFiber, a municipal entity, and GWI, a private company, to construct and operate the future-proof fiber network that will serve DVFiber’s 24 member towns. Attached to the MSA will be several Statements of Work (SOWs), each outlining a specific portion of the work GWI will perform, including providing Internet Service Provider (ISP) products and services management, network construction and customer premises installation of fiber, network operations management, and administrative support.

Work is already underway to complete a high-level design of the network serving all 24 towns, as well as detailed engineering of the network in six Phase I towns, those with the highest number of unserved and underserved addresses.

DVFiber has been awarded a $4.1 million federal grant, via the American Recovery Plan Act (ARPA), for design, engineering, and other activities preceding construction of the network. DVFiber expects to receive additional funding to begin construction in 2022.