160 Households and Businesses Now Enjoy One Gig Speeds; Residents Eligible for $50 Discount on First Month’s Service

Readsboro — Readsboro, a small rural Southern Vermont community, is now connected to high-speed Internet service for the first time, thanks to DVFiber. One Gig speeds are available now for 160 Readsboro households and businesses, and all remaining on-grid locations will be connected in the next few months. Customers interested in getting connected can check availability at www.dvfiber.net and begin the process of signing up. The Town of Readsboro, through its support of DVFiber, is offering a $50 discount on the first month of service to all Readsboro customers who sign up by November 1.

Omar Smith, a member of both the Readsboro Select Board and DVFiber Governing Board, said: “It’s been very exciting to see the ongoing fiber construction this summer in Readsboro. Finally, after many years of pushing on privately owned providers plus seeking support and direction from local, state, and federal sources, an actual high-speed network is being built and is available to the whole town, not just the more densely populated areas.”

After months of planning and engineering, DVFiber began constructing its new, 21st-century fiber optic network in 2022, focusing first on Readsboro where most households and businesses have lacked adequate Internet service for a long time. A small group of customers was connected in December of 2022 to test the network and to assure that future customers could expect excellent service. This service will soon be available throughout Readsboro.

Steven John, Chair of the DVFiber Governing Board, said: “Our Governing Board is very pleased to see our Readsboro neighbors getting connected to enjoy the benefits of world-class high- speed Internet services. We look forward to doing the same for all remaining unserved or underserved locations in our district. Our universal service plan and mission is to ensure digital equity for all.”

The Deerfield Valley Communications Union District (DVCUD, dba DVFiber) is a community-owned, professionally managed and operated special-purpose municipality for the purpose of providing affordable, reliable, and fast Internet service to all households and businesses in its 24 member towns. Historically, small rural communities were left behind by commercial providers as being too expensive to warrant investment of private capital. DVFiber and other communications union districts are Vermont’s solution to this long-standing problem.

A celebratory event will be hosted in Readsboro in November. More details to come. For more information about DVFiber and its mission to provide universal, affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service, visit https://dvfiber.net.