To provide affordable, reliable high-speed Internet service that will support economic development and expand educational opportunities within the district.

Vision and Principles


The Internet is an essential service for every Vermonter. The future of our communities’ health depends on closing the digital divide and driving economic diversity. Our vision and principles are our core beliefs in setting a course to provide access to not just some but to all.



No one should face a barrier based on where they live. Priority installation will be given to unserved or underserved areas.


The Internet should be fast and reliable and the quality should improve over time as uses of the Internet continue to evolve. Our network should be capable of at least gigabit-per-second service to all fixed locations, with substantial additional capacity for future demand and flexibility to support rapid deployment of new technologies.


Cost should not be a barrier for any Vermonter who wants to connect to the Internet. The network design minimizes capital and operating costs, has a long, useful lifespan, and provides low-cost upgrade paths to meet future demands or accommodate new technologies. The system should provide diverse service level options for residential and business connectivity.


The network design should reflect the best industry practices for Vermont’s unique topography, partnering networks, and requirements of users. The infrastructure will be reliable and resilient, designed to withstand equipment failures, power outages, natural disasters, or man-made disasters.


Vermonters must be able to determine how their data are or are not used. Our network will support net neutrality. The network’s components will be secured against physical and electronic threats.

Photo credit Marjorie Ray