DVFiber has been participating in the current process to develop a long-term telecommunications plan for Vermont. Responsibility for crafting this plan falls to the Vermont Department of Public Service (DPS), the department that oversees and supports the work of the state’s nine communications union districts (CUDs).

Adoption of this plan will meet new requirements set forth by Act 79 (2019), an act relating to broadband deployment throughout Vermont, and statute 30 V.S.A. § 202d, as amended by Act 137 (2020), an act relating to COVID-19 funding and assistance for broadband connectivity, housing, and economic relief.

The DPS will host three public hearings (on June 17, 23, and 24) to review the final draft of the Vermont 10-year Telecommunications Plan. Members of the public may comment on the final draft of the plan during these live online sessions, and/or they may offer written comments. The DPS anticipates publishing and adopting the plan after the conclusion of this process on June 30.

Learn more about how to participate here.